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Founded in 1981, The Athlete’s Foot is the largest running-specialty footwear retailer in Australia, with 10-15% of the athletic premium market.
Australia & New Zealand
Sports Apparel
Marketing & Conversion, Performance & Scalability,
User Experience & Design
Magento Solution Partner:

“Magento has been great in its ability to provide us with both a commerce solution and a content solution.”

Mark Teperson,
Director of Multichannel, The Athlete’s Foot

Supporting Franchisees Through eCommerce


Support and Grow Both In-Store and eCommerce

In 2011, Australian brick-and-mortar retailer The Athlete’s Foot wanted to go online to better serve customer needs. However, with 98% of their business coming from franchisees, they needed their website to deliver for both their consumers and for their franchisees, whose 137 stores keep The Athlete’s Foot the dominant player in Australia. Their first foray online was a content-heavy site, focused on delivering information to support their franchisees, and didn’t have great eCommerce functionality. It was more of a resource site, and didn’t have the flexibility to change with the commerce landscape.



Site Functionality for Both Sides of the Business

The Athlete’s Foot worked with Magento Gold Solution Partner Netstarter to build their new eCommerce site with great customer features, including Footwear Finder™ and Shoe Fitr™ to help consumers find the perfect fit. To help support their franchisees, The Athlete’s Foot built out content pages where franchisees can promote their stores, and “click and collect” functionality so customers could shop online and pick up in store. In coordinating with their franchisees, The Athlete’s Foot not only supports their businesses online (and gives them a mobile presence), they’ve created a profitable link between franchisees and the eCommerce business. In turn, this link helps franchisees see the eCommerce channel as a partner, rather than competitor, and resolves the biggest piece of their channel conflict.



Huge Traffic Increases, a Connected Multichannel Experience

With their new site, The Athlete’s Foot has seen traffic increase more than 80% and pick-up-in-store grew to 7-8% of online sales, the benefits of which they share with their franchise stores. Now eCommerce is a growth driver for their brick-and-mortar business, while offering convenience and deepening consumer engagement with their brand online. “We feel like we found a sustainable model that supports the growth of our store network, but also supports what our end consumer is looking for in a connected multichannel experience with The Athlete’s Foot,” says Mark Teperson, Director of Multichannel for The Athlete’s Foot.


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