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SCOUT by Bungalow

Customer Success Story


Customer Profile

SCOUT is a family-owned lifestyle brand that produces everyday bags, accessories, coolers, and storage bins with an eye for fashion and function.
North America
Apparel & Accessories
Marketing & Conversion, User Experience & Design,
Multi-site / Multinational
Magento Solution Partner:

“With Magento’s enterprise-level platform, we can power multiple sales channels through a single site that provides a consistent brand message and caters to the specific needs of our customers.”

Tabitha Bowling,

Personalized B2C & B2B Site Experiences Drive Growth


Ability to Efficiently Manage B2C and B2B

SCOUT is a wholesale business at its core, so they wanted a single platform and administrator panel for both their B2C and B2B customers. Adding the functionality they wanted to their existing proprietary platform was going to be extremely expensive, if possible at all, and they recognized that most of what they wanted was native to Magento Enterprise Edition. SCOUT wanted a site that would better represent their brand while serving the unique needs of their consumers and resellers through better customer segmentation, better support and a live personalization tool. They also wanted the flexibility to incorporate additional third-party plugins, such as uStoreLocator and Silverpop.



An Exceptional UX for Consumers and Resellers

Working with Magento Gold Solution Partner Blue Acorn, SCOUT chose Magento Enterprise Edition for its extensive list of out-of-the-box functionality and ease of integration with their existing technology stack, including their email platform and ERP system. SCOUT is using Enterprise Edition’s native functionality to host both their B2C and B2B sites on a single instance, even though both sides of the business have different ERP systems in place. The site utilizes Unirgy’s uRapidFlow to cut down on the time for data migration. The same, easy-to-use UX enjoyed by SCOUT’s consumers is enjoyed by their resellers as well. Resellers are also treated to a UX that is dynamically tailored to them, based on a B2B loyalty points program, and SCOUT also utilizes Olark Live Chat for both their consumers and for their more than 1,700 core B2B clients.



Big Gains and a Better Experience for All

SCOUT’s team is saving valuable time and resources by having a single platform to handle both of their customer segments. “Even though both sites were selling the same products, we would have to do so much duplicate work. Now with Magento Enterprise Edition, we can focus on driving the business forward,” says Elizabeth Bailey, Retail Business Manager at SCOUT.

Since moving to Magento, SCOUT has experienced tremendous gains in the months that followed. They have seen the number of transactions on their B2C site double YOY. Conversion rates are up 79.58% YOY, which, when combined with a modest 11.32% lift in visits YOY, has resulted in an increase of 92.16% YOY in gross revenue.


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