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Desktop computers and even laptops have become obsolete these days. People now prefer their smart-phones for all type of working such as purchasing, shopping, and browsing. Those who have left using their desktops are moving towards mobile-optimized websites for services, products’ shopping.

Though this change brings some exciting features for the buyers, yet it brings some challenges for the website designers, as well. If you are new in the website designing field and you do not know how to cope with this problem; moreover, you do not want to give up then you should use established design patterns. They are a great help for completing any ecommerce project.

Though the experience of mobile ecommerce is important but at least you have ecommerce experience. In this regard, if you get the help from design patterns then you would find yourself in a comfort zone. The design patterns help you to resolve your problems. You understand how other designers have overcome with similar issues. These design patterns help you in designing your own website. A successful website can meet the expectations of your users.

Nowadays, people are doing most of their work from their mobiles; therefore, here we will focus on mobile ecommerce functionality and design patterns. Some of them, you will find below:

  • Home-Pages
  • Product Pages
  • Photo Galleries
  • Suggested Search
  • Site-Wide Navigation
  • Checking Out


  • Try to make it as productive as possible. You should not use brand messages just show your product.
  • By utilizing IP address of the user or using geotag, use geographic information and send a localized message such as ‘We ship to Ukraine.’
  • Give priority to top-selling products

Product Pages

  • Notify users, for the arrival of new and out of stock items
  • Must and clearly mention delivery date of the item
  • Utilize adequate social sharing buttons
  • Exhibit related products
  • Provide product reviews, multifaceted product reviews such as style, comfort and option to rate
  • Make ‘Add to Cart’ button bold and large
  • Encourage customer photos
  • Provide product videos
  • Provide professionally-shot images of product with staging


  • A Quick-View-Action must be added
  • For side-by-side comparison of items, include an option
  • Provide dissimilar pagination options such as view all
  • Provide different display options such as list or grid

Utilize smart filters

  • Provide facility of results sorting by name, availability, popularity, price etc
  • Without starting over, provide facility for removing filters
  • Facilitate the user to have filters such as occasion, brand, material, rating, price, color, size etc
  • Site-Wide Navigation
  • You will need to audit the analytics time to time. In addition, you must adjust navigation and categories that are based on popularity or usage of word
  • Must avoid jargon and in your category structure be specific
  • By popularity, sort subcategories


  • Provide SERP environment and testing accuracy of SERP (Robust Search Result Page)
  • To account for old names or competitors names and for misspellings, use intelligent search
  • When a query is typed, it should be autofilled
  • Your search bar must be visible and large and it should be placed consistently throughout the site

Checking Out

  • You can include some trust indicators such as payment processing software logo or SSL certificate
  • On the checkout page, minimize the exit points
  • If possible, use AJAX/instant validation, friendly language, Do not make validation errors
  • Do not force the user for registration, and include a check option for guests
  • Provide adequate fields for name and address, specifically for an international shipping
  • Facilitate the user to utilize the similar shipping and billing address
  • If the user, sign in with an account, use pre-fill information
  • Give users some options such as saving item later, removing items, updating quantities etc
  • A persisting shopping cart is important

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