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May 192015

Creating a mobile e-commerce website is different from creating an article driven site or a blog. A mobile e-commerce website must have a responsive design. This implies that it must be able to contract and expand nicely to suit different devices. This way, people will be able to view the site clearly using tablets, Smartphone and laptops among other handheld devices.
Accessibility is the most important aspect of a mobile e-commerce site since consumers should be able to access the site using their mobile devices so that they can do their shopping from anywhere and at any time. To create a great mobile e-commerce site, you need to do certain things properly.
They are as follows:

1. Make content your priority

Ensure that content is the priority of your website so that it can be usable to the target audience or market. This entails having an accessible search bar on each page. Creating a basket link and enhanced account access as well as ensuring that all brands or categories are easily accessible to the visitors is very important. You should also have full-width and clearly displayed images and content including a call to action for each product. Also, include email and call links or buttons. Prospects will find shopping on your mobile e-commerce site easier if it has clear product images, prices as well as basket buttons.

2. Choose a good framework

A good framework for building a mobile e-commerce site facilitates scaling from smaller to larger screens and using it is easy. For instance, Twitter Bootstrap is a framework that comes with JS, CSS and HTML, which have different uses. It also offers different interface elements such as button dropdowns, button groups, alerts, thumbnails and progress bars among others. Such a framework enables you to create a unique e-commerce website.

3. Socialize products

People are using mobile devices to access social networks. It is therefore important that your e-commerce site allow sharing of items with Twitter followers or Facebook friends. To achieve this, include links for social networking on your e-commerce site. The links should be easily accessible and usable.

4. Structure

Your e-commerce site should have careful structuring. For instance, you should have a shopping cart in various sections such as near coupon codes, products list, total costs as well as the continue shopping and check out button. The checkout process should be easy to follow and customers should be able to navigate the website with ease.
While creating a mobile e-commerce website, remember to keep the site simple. Make the buying process simple and transparent because consumers who use mobile devices to shop online need fast response and uncomplicated shopping process.

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