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Aug 262015

Desktop computers and even laptops have become obsolete these days. People now prefer their smart-phones for all type of working such as purchasing, shopping, and browsing. Those who have left using their desktops are moving towards mobile-optimized websites for services, products’ shopping.

Though this change brings some exciting features for the buyers, yet it brings some challenges for the website designers, as well. If you are new in the website designing field and you do not know how to cope with this problem; moreover, you do not want to give up then you should use established design patterns. They are a great help for completing any ecommerce project.

Though the experience of mobile ecommerce is important but at least you have ecommerce experience. In this regard, if you get the help from design patterns then you would find yourself in a comfort zone. The design patterns help you to resolve your problems. You understand how other designers have overcome with similar issues. These design patterns help you in designing your own website. A successful website can meet the expectations of your users.

Nowadays, people are doing most of their work from their mobiles; therefore, here we will focus on mobile ecommerce functionality and design patterns. Some of them, you will find below:

  • Home-Pages
  • Product Pages
  • Photo Galleries
  • Suggested Search
  • Site-Wide Navigation
  • Checking Out


  • Try to make it as productive as possible. You should not use brand messages just show your product.
  • By utilizing IP address of the user or using geotag, use geographic information and send a localized message such as ‘We ship to Ukraine.’
  • Give priority to top-selling products

Product Pages

  • Notify users, for the arrival of new and out of stock items
  • Must and clearly mention delivery date of the item
  • Utilize adequate social sharing buttons
  • Exhibit related products
  • Provide product reviews, multifaceted product reviews such as style, comfort and option to rate
  • Make ‘Add to Cart’ button bold and large
  • Encourage customer photos
  • Provide product videos
  • Provide professionally-shot images of product with staging


  • A Quick-View-Action must be added
  • For side-by-side comparison of items, include an option
  • Provide dissimilar pagination options such as view all
  • Provide different display options such as list or grid

Utilize smart filters

  • Provide facility of results sorting by name, availability, popularity, price etc
  • Without starting over, provide facility for removing filters
  • Facilitate the user to have filters such as occasion, brand, material, rating, price, color, size etc
  • Site-Wide Navigation
  • You will need to audit the analytics time to time. In addition, you must adjust navigation and categories that are based on popularity or usage of word
  • Must avoid jargon and in your category structure be specific
  • By popularity, sort subcategories


  • Provide SERP environment and testing accuracy of SERP (Robust Search Result Page)
  • To account for old names or competitors names and for misspellings, use intelligent search
  • When a query is typed, it should be autofilled
  • Your search bar must be visible and large and it should be placed consistently throughout the site

Checking Out

  • You can include some trust indicators such as payment processing software logo or SSL certificate
  • On the checkout page, minimize the exit points
  • If possible, use AJAX/instant validation, friendly language, Do not make validation errors
  • Do not force the user for registration, and include a check option for guests
  • Provide adequate fields for name and address, specifically for an international shipping
  • Facilitate the user to utilize the similar shipping and billing address
  • If the user, sign in with an account, use pre-fill information
  • Give users some options such as saving item later, removing items, updating quantities etc
  • A persisting shopping cart is important
May 192015

Creating a mobile e-commerce website is different from creating an article driven site or a blog. A mobile e-commerce website must have a responsive design. This implies that it must be able to contract and expand nicely to suit different devices. This way, people will be able to view the site clearly using tablets, Smartphone and laptops among other handheld devices.
Accessibility is the most important aspect of a mobile e-commerce site since consumers should be able to access the site using their mobile devices so that they can do their shopping from anywhere and at any time. To create a great mobile e-commerce site, you need to do certain things properly.
They are as follows:

1. Make content your priority

Ensure that content is the priority of your website so that it can be usable to the target audience or market. This entails having an accessible search bar on each page. Creating a basket link and enhanced account access as well as ensuring that all brands or categories are easily accessible to the visitors is very important. You should also have full-width and clearly displayed images and content including a call to action for each product. Also, include email and call links or buttons. Prospects will find shopping on your mobile e-commerce site easier if it has clear product images, prices as well as basket buttons.

2. Choose a good framework

A good framework for building a mobile e-commerce site facilitates scaling from smaller to larger screens and using it is easy. For instance, Twitter Bootstrap is a framework that comes with JS, CSS and HTML, which have different uses. It also offers different interface elements such as button dropdowns, button groups, alerts, thumbnails and progress bars among others. Such a framework enables you to create a unique e-commerce website.

3. Socialize products

People are using mobile devices to access social networks. It is therefore important that your e-commerce site allow sharing of items with Twitter followers or Facebook friends. To achieve this, include links for social networking on your e-commerce site. The links should be easily accessible and usable.

4. Structure

Your e-commerce site should have careful structuring. For instance, you should have a shopping cart in various sections such as near coupon codes, products list, total costs as well as the continue shopping and check out button. The checkout process should be easy to follow and customers should be able to navigate the website with ease.
While creating a mobile e-commerce website, remember to keep the site simple. Make the buying process simple and transparent because consumers who use mobile devices to shop online need fast response and uncomplicated shopping process.

May 062015

The method for web search engine positions sites is being changed by Google and which could affect the rankings. The new upgrade is a huge change which is basically designed for favoring the sites that are optimized for the internet. This new redesign won't affect the desktop search directly but Google is known for using CTR (active clicking factor) from the search results as the rank factor. There is a high chance of getting affected by this change. If half of the entire searches also occur on mobile then likewise it will be proven as a great success of the update. At the point when clients will found the site they can share the URLs amongst them. Over the long run it can affect the desktop search and results falling in rankings.

It is totally dependent on the market whether the mobile search is important or immensely essential for the business. According to the result of the researches it had been found that more than 50% of the researches in the western nations are directed through this devices and the numbers is additionally expanding. The new launch of Mobilegeddon upgrade will simply that whether the positioning of the site is great or not as per the hunt led by lion's share of peoples. Client searches are huge in many portions of Asia and Africa than alternate nations. Mobile clients are the big victors. Mobile searches are expanding on the grounds that in mobile clients get both the choices to view mobile sites and also desktop version.

A change that will support sites designed for smart phones by boosting their search rankings. Google sees the update which won't affect desktop searches as a natural reaction to the way that consumers use their telephones today. As per the Google measures, 40% of the internet is not thought to be mobile friendly The pages of the website which are portable advanced that pages won't be affected contrarily and the assessments are done on page by page premise. So it is critical to verify that the most imperative pages are ordered as easy to use. With the new algorithm update, the website which is non mobile friendly will be influenced in the search results. The websites are dependent mobile traffic for them it is an huge reason for concern in light of the fact that if there is loss of mobile websites are properly optimized for the cell phones device then it would experience an uplift in mobile traffic.



Apr 032015

If you’re creating an online business/e-commerce site, you may very likely want to channel most of your energy toward improving your conversion rates, since at the end of the day it’s all about the sales. You may have forgotten one important thing – your conversion effort is being affected by small annoyances that haven’t been addressed.

Some peeves can be overlooked, but in an environment where competition is stiff, it’s easy for a potential customer to simply shut down your site and go someplace else. Annoyances have a compounding effect, and people tend to have elephant memories with things like that, so that what began as a small peeve ends up being a massive put-off.

It’s important to fix those little problems because while it may not dramatically improve your conversions, it cannot hurt it. You’ll increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, and all these contribute to value addition over the longer term.

1.Slow loading pages
Pages should take no more than 5-8 seconds to load – at the maximum – and ecommerce pages are not exempted. Make sure your product images have optimized sizes so that they don’t load overly slowly, and conduct regular tests to ensure that your server and CMS/database are serving up queries at acceptable speeds.

2.Too little information
It’s okay to have introductory information on your products in the initial listing pages, but you need to provide any other important information for decision making by offering users options to find out more. Have technical information for devices, nutritional information for consumables and any other specifics the user might be interested in.
Remember that you’re competing with a bricks-and-mortar store where a customer can touch different products and make a decision on the spot.

3.Outdated content
Posting outdated content or misinformation makes you lose credibility which will reduce conversion rates. This is especially true about inventory availability. Make sure you have an automated service to reflect the true picture as it is. Once a user has to cancel a complete order, you can believe they won’t be back the following day.

4.Not providing customer feedback
Potential customers are always interested in what others have to say about your products, whether good or not, before making a final decision. You need to provide genuine reviews exactly as they have been written because if you don’t, the customer will still look elsewhere and find the same information. By having them on your site, you will look more trustworthy and truthful, and customers will be more open to closing the sale.

5.Hiding’ the price
Display the prices of your items upfront or soon after the buying process begins. This misconception that once customers have reached checkout they’ll feel obliged to complete the sale is just that, a misconception. Most people will forego checkout if they don’t know what they’re paying, and it just reeks of suspicious intent. Don’t wait until checkout to give the price.

Last word – feedback
It’s difficult to get conversions, but if you focus on providing the best user experience, you will be a step ahead of your competition. These are not all the annoying things possible for ecommerce sites, so keep looking and tighten your ship. Ask for feedback and respond to it where customers have been kind enough to point out a discrepancy or offer suggestions to make it easier for them to shop.

Nov 012014

Björn Borg

Customer Success Story


Customer Profile

Global brand Björn Borg manufactures and sells underwear, loungewear, socks, swimwear, sportswear, footwear, bags and fragrances.
EMEA (Europe, Middle East, & Africa)
Apparel and Accessories
Marketing & Conversion, User Experience & Design,
Magento Solution Partner:

“The new Online Store enabled our customers to do e-business with us in a simple and robust way.”

Cristian Corotto,
Head of Online Channel

Björn Borg Serves a Great Responsive Site


Improve Functionality and Get Responsive

Though Björn Borg’s eCommerce site delivers a relatively small proportion of the company’s total revenue at this stage, the company views it as strategically important to deeper customer engagement and future growth. Björn Borg’s previous site was not user friendly and the check-out process required navigation through a number of screens—a problem that contributed to cart abandonment. Björn Borg needed to make the site easier for both their customers and their staff to use while maintaining a low total cost of ownership.



Redesigning with Responsiveness in Mind

With a young and fashionable clientele, Björn Borg was keen to use its site to deliver a consistent and optimized customer experience, regardless of device and screen size, while staying true to its brand values of passion and innovation. Magento Gold Solution Partner Vaimo recommended a responsive redesign on Magento Enterprise Edition to deliver the customer experience that Björn Borg was looking for while saving the company a lot of time and money.

Vaimo’s solution included stylish upgrages to their product display, product filtering functionality in the navigation and cross-selling functionality. Vaimo also improved Björn Borg’s checkout process including localizing currency and languages.



Clean, Responsive Site = More Conversion

In three-month’s time, Vaimo built a fantastic responsive site for Björn Borg with significantly improved navigation and checkout process. They also gave Björn Borg more control with the ability to manage ongoing web-developments such as content campaigns and promotions in-house.


Nov 012014

Nobel Biocare

Customer Success Story


Customer Profile

Nobel Biocare™ is a world leader in the field of innovative implant-based dental restorations.
Health & Medical
Multi-site / Multinational, Performance & Scalability,
Third Party Integrations
Magento Solution Partner:

“The new Online Store enabled our customers to do e-business with us in a simple and robust way.”

Cristian Corotto,
Head of Online Channel

B2B Sales Leader Rapidly Scales International Presence


Global B2B Expansion

Nobel Biocare, a world leader in innovative implant-based dental solutions, sought a technology partner and platform that could successfully scale their complex international eCommerce vision. To capture missed online sales opportunities in all countries, the speed and scalability of these site launches were of the utmost importance.



Customize for Rapid International Launches & Scalability

Nobel Biocare chose leading Magento Gold Solution Partner Pixafy to develop their Magento Enterprise Edition multi-site store with numerous custom modules, and integrations with existing technologies. Project achievements:

Framework enabled rapid international deployments, currently 16 sites live in 7 languages
Decoupled architecture allowing for efficient site updates and ultimate flexibility
Modular and easily customizable to meet each country’s specific requirements
Seamless integration with SAP, Salesforce, dynaTrace, and Paymetric
Custom functionality enabling both customers and sales representatives to securely and quickly order products on-the-go
Enhanced online shopping features such as product catalog capabilities, cart price rules, better tracking of orders in transit, and multiple payment methods and more to come.



Exponential Growth in New Markets

After Pixafy developed and implemented Nobel Biocare’s Enterprise Edition site, sales and conversions skyrocketed and continue to grow exponentially. Nobel Biocare is empowered to leverage technology to achieve ambitious business goals, rather than being limited by inflexible platforms. The ability to rapidly deploy new sites enables Nobel Biocare to capture new markets and sales at a competitive pace.


Nov 012014

Bambi Baby

Customer Success Story


Customer Profile

Established in 1976, Bambi Baby is a family-owned and operated retail chain based in New Jersey. The company offers a hand-picked selection of quality children’s furniture, strollers, car seats, clothing, and accessories.
North America
Toys, Baby and Children’s Products
Multi-site / Multinational, Performance & Scalability
Magento Solution Partner:

“Moving to Magento Enterprise Edition has made a huge improvement in what we do and what our capabilities are in continuing to grow.”

Enelio Ortega,
President & CEO

Bambi Baby Extends Its Personal Touch Online


Fix Stability Issues and Modernize

Bambi Baby came to Redstage with a ZenCart site that was having stability issues. In addition, they felt very limited by their platform, not easily able to update and extend their technology to be competitive in their space. ZenCart was not able to offer modern features like layered navigation and easy integrations with semantic search, more advanced marketing features and live chat. The client was also looking for a partner that was much more consultative, suggesting proven strategies, techniques, and technologies to help grow their business.



Limitless Extensibility, Enhanced Features, Ongoing Support

Bambi Baby selected Magento Enterprise Edition for its stability, limitless extensibility and scalability, and superior cost of ownership. Magento Gold Solution Partner Redstage built BambiBaby.com to take full advantage of Enterprise Edition’s built-in marketing features, including the intelligent rule-based marketing banners, and user experience features, like layered navigation. They enhanced the upsell and cross-sell features by adding customer behavior-based automated upsell technologies, including “who viewed this also viewed” and “frequently bought together.”



Significant Increases in Revenue, Conversion and Traffic

Partnering with Redstage and moving to Magento Enterprise Edition has provided Bambi Baby with some pretty fantastic results, including:

50% increase conversion rate for desktop
51% increase in smartphone traffic with the improved design
37% increase in revenue for 4th quarter previous year

By implementing Celebros Semantic Search technology, Redstage gave Bambi Baby a search tool that allows customers to use much more natural language in search and provide very accurate search results. Mailchimp and Zopim (live chat) were also very easy add-ons with their extensions.


Nov 012014

SCOUT by Bungalow

Customer Success Story


Customer Profile

SCOUT is a family-owned lifestyle brand that produces everyday bags, accessories, coolers, and storage bins with an eye for fashion and function.
North America
Apparel & Accessories
Marketing & Conversion, User Experience & Design,
Multi-site / Multinational
Magento Solution Partner:

“With Magento’s enterprise-level platform, we can power multiple sales channels through a single site that provides a consistent brand message and caters to the specific needs of our customers.”

Tabitha Bowling,

Personalized B2C & B2B Site Experiences Drive Growth


Ability to Efficiently Manage B2C and B2B

SCOUT is a wholesale business at its core, so they wanted a single platform and administrator panel for both their B2C and B2B customers. Adding the functionality they wanted to their existing proprietary platform was going to be extremely expensive, if possible at all, and they recognized that most of what they wanted was native to Magento Enterprise Edition. SCOUT wanted a site that would better represent their brand while serving the unique needs of their consumers and resellers through better customer segmentation, better support and a live personalization tool. They also wanted the flexibility to incorporate additional third-party plugins, such as uStoreLocator and Silverpop.



An Exceptional UX for Consumers and Resellers

Working with Magento Gold Solution Partner Blue Acorn, SCOUT chose Magento Enterprise Edition for its extensive list of out-of-the-box functionality and ease of integration with their existing technology stack, including their email platform and ERP system. SCOUT is using Enterprise Edition’s native functionality to host both their B2C and B2B sites on a single instance, even though both sides of the business have different ERP systems in place. The site utilizes Unirgy’s uRapidFlow to cut down on the time for data migration. The same, easy-to-use UX enjoyed by SCOUT’s consumers is enjoyed by their resellers as well. Resellers are also treated to a UX that is dynamically tailored to them, based on a B2B loyalty points program, and SCOUT also utilizes Olark Live Chat for both their consumers and for their more than 1,700 core B2B clients.



Big Gains and a Better Experience for All

SCOUT’s team is saving valuable time and resources by having a single platform to handle both of their customer segments. “Even though both sites were selling the same products, we would have to do so much duplicate work. Now with Magento Enterprise Edition, we can focus on driving the business forward,” says Elizabeth Bailey, Retail Business Manager at SCOUT.

Since moving to Magento, SCOUT has experienced tremendous gains in the months that followed. They have seen the number of transactions on their B2C site double YOY. Conversion rates are up 79.58% YOY, which, when combined with a modest 11.32% lift in visits YOY, has resulted in an increase of 92.16% YOY in gross revenue.


Nov 012014

City Winery

Customer Success Story


Customer Profile

Founded in 1981, The Athlete’s Foot is the largest running-specialty footwear retailer in Australia, with 10-15% of the athletic premium market.
Australia & New Zealand
Sports Apparel
Marketing & Conversion, Performance & Scalability,
User Experience & Design
Magento Solution Partner:

“Magento has been great in its ability to provide us with both a commerce solution and a content solution.”

Mark Teperson,
Director of Multichannel, The Athlete’s Foot

Supporting Franchisees Through eCommerce


Support and Grow Both In-Store and eCommerce

In 2011, Australian brick-and-mortar retailer The Athlete’s Foot wanted to go online to better serve customer needs. However, with 98% of their business coming from franchisees, they needed their website to deliver for both their consumers and for their franchisees, whose 137 stores keep The Athlete’s Foot the dominant player in Australia. Their first foray online was a content-heavy site, focused on delivering information to support their franchisees, and didn’t have great eCommerce functionality. It was more of a resource site, and didn’t have the flexibility to change with the commerce landscape.



Site Functionality for Both Sides of the Business

The Athlete’s Foot worked with Magento Gold Solution Partner Netstarter to build their new eCommerce site with great customer features, including Footwear Finder™ and Shoe Fitr™ to help consumers find the perfect fit. To help support their franchisees, The Athlete’s Foot built out content pages where franchisees can promote their stores, and “click and collect” functionality so customers could shop online and pick up in store. In coordinating with their franchisees, The Athlete’s Foot not only supports their businesses online (and gives them a mobile presence), they’ve created a profitable link between franchisees and the eCommerce business. In turn, this link helps franchisees see the eCommerce channel as a partner, rather than competitor, and resolves the biggest piece of their channel conflict.



Huge Traffic Increases, a Connected Multichannel Experience

With their new site, The Athlete’s Foot has seen traffic increase more than 80% and pick-up-in-store grew to 7-8% of online sales, the benefits of which they share with their franchise stores. Now eCommerce is a growth driver for their brick-and-mortar business, while offering convenience and deepening consumer engagement with their brand online. “We feel like we found a sustainable model that supports the growth of our store network, but also supports what our end consumer is looking for in a connected multichannel experience with The Athlete’s Foot,” says Mark Teperson, Director of Multichannel for The Athlete’s Foot.


Nov 012014

City Winery

Customer Success Story


Customer Profile

City Winery combines a fully-functioning winery with intimate concerts, food and wine classes, private events, and fine dining.
North America
Food & Beverage
Configurable Product Ordering, Performance & Scalability,
Multi-site / Multinational
Magento Solution Partner:

“With Magento Enterprise Edition, right away we got this platform that was solid, able to scale with us, and support our needs into the future.”

Josh Dorf,
Board Member & Technical Advisor,
City Winery

A Rock-Solid Foundation for a Unique Business


A Unique Platform for a Unique Concept

SCity Winery started with a completely customized web solution, but realized it wasn’t going to scale with their business. They needed a platform that could support both their winery business and their live concert events by:

  • Connecting their wine, fine dining, and concert businesses on one platform
  • Integrating with custom modules like their ticket ordering and seat selection module
  • Providing a stable platform that can handle high peaks in traffic and ordering
  • Managing multiple locations



A Rock-Solid Foundation to Build On

Because Magento Enterprise Edition gave them over 70% of what they needed out of the box, City Winery could focus on the custom modules that manage their ticket ordering system, loyalty program, and concierge tool, as well as extensions to manage accounting and recurring billing. “One of the great advantages is that the architecture of this platform allowed us to create this module that would drop right into the solution, so that, once those orders came in from our custom piece[s], they are plunked right into the existing order management process of Magento Enterprise Edition,” says City Winery Board Member and Technical Advisor, Josh Dorf.



Outstanding Performance Under Pressure

City Winery has seen tremendous growth in daily orders and their loyalty program (it’s grown to more than 3,000 members), and they have plans to add more locations and build out their mobile site. But most important to their business, they now have a site that can perform under pressure and fully support their business. “Last year we had Prince at a last minute event. The spike on the servers was tremendous, and not going down is key. Having that rock solid foundation, that’s what Magento Enterprise Edition gave us,” says Dorf.